With crunchy nuts, creamy Mini Babybel® cheese and tangy fruit, this easy (and delicious) recipe is perfect for going outside and hiking the trails—or staying inside and surfing the channels.


2 servings of Mini Babybel® White Cheddar variety semisoft cheese, unwrapped

1 Tbsp dried cranberries

1 Tbsp raisins

2 dried pear slices

Handful of honey roasted peanuts

3-5 minutes

Serves 2

Enjoy as a sweet-and-crunchy on-the-go (or stay-right-here) snack.

Mix the dried cranberries, raisins and dried pear slices together. Place them next to a handful of honey roasted peanuts and two servings of Mini Babybel® White Cheddar Cheese. This recipe contains peanuts.

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