Kids will look forward to getting caught in this web of cheesy goodness.


1 serving of Mini Babybel® Original semisoft cheese, unwrapped

1 red bell pepper

2 raisins

¼ cup of cucumber shavings

4-6 pretzel twists

1 chive (optional)

3-5 minutes

Serves 1

This cheesy crawler snack has such big flavor, it’s perfect for after school.

Center the Mini Babybel® Original cheese on a plate. Break a few pretzel twists, sticking four of the longer sides into each side of the cheese to make legs. Place two raisins in the center of the cheese for the eyes. Next, give the spider a smile with a sliver of red bell pepper. Place cucumber shavings at the bottom of the plate for grass. For another piece of arachno-flare, add a length of chive to the top of the spider as the silk string (optional).

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